This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: French Style Breakfast Tartine

June 3, 2013

French Style Breakfast Tartine

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I have fallen hard for Des Moines. I never expected to, but I did. I didn’t know someone could love living somewhere so much. Needless to say, leaving Des Moines for Milwaukee is not going to be easy. There have already been many tearful nights spent whaling over all the people, places and things I am going to miss.

One of the first places we discovered when we moved here was La Mie Bakery. I can’t remember the exact instance or how we found out about La Mie, but in a city where I knew absolutely no one I felt right at home there. Funny how food can do that to someone, I suppose that’s why it’s called comfort food.

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It’s no exaggeration that if given the choice, I would eat here every day. It’s always the first place we go when people come to visit, my go-to restaurant when thinking of where to dine for lunch, brunch or breakfast, and a weekly (although I wish daily) stop for fresh bread, French macarons, and their mouth-watering pastries.

Their tables are stacked with flowers and the most exquisite looking pastries, flowers and their walls are lined with shelves filled with their artisan breads. Their deli case is filled with handmade sandwiches and desserts that are a feast for the stomach and eyes.

Here's this a little video I made on vine when I was there for lunch one day.

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La Mie has an extensive breakfast menu filled with all sorts of amazing treats. It includes a small list of breakfast sandwiches called tartines, which basically means open-faced sandwiches in French. My husband and I often try to recreate the recipes we’ve had at our favorite restaurants. So a few weeks ago, when I couldn’t convince myself to climb out of my pajamas in order to get breakfast La Mie, I created this recipe with inspiration directly from it.

breakfast sandwich, french tartine, french breakfast tartine, breakfast tartine

La Mie is by far my favorite restaurant in Des Moines and I will miss it dearly when we leave. While I can’t take it with us on this next adventure, I can take this tartine inspired by all the amazing breakfasts I’ve had their with me.

French Style Breakfast Tartine

Makes 1 sandwiches


1 piece of fresh sandwich bread or half a baguette cut in length wise
2 slices tomato or a hand full of cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 handful of sprouts
1 large eggs
Goat cheese
½ Ripe avocado, sliced
Pinch of salt
Dash of pepper
Drizzle of olive oil, preferably garlic infused if available

To Make the Tartine

Fry, or if desired, poach the egg. Do not overcook, as I believe the tartine tastes better when the yoke is runny.

While cooking the egg, toast the bread until perfectly golden brown. Then, drizzle both pieces of bread with olive oil. Spread the goat cheese on the bread. Feel free to be generous, this adds great flavor and makes the tartine deliciously creamy.

I must confess that there are two different versions of this sandwich in this post - one, where the egg is topped with vegetables, and the other, where the vegetables are on top of the egg. You can choose to do whichever when making your tartine, as it makes no difference in the flavor.

Once the egg is done cooking place it on top of the bread. Top the egg with the avocado and tomatoes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Top with sprouts.

This type of sandwich is best eaten immediately and with a knife and fork.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I have!

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