This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: A Month in Milwaukee

July 17, 2013

A Month in Milwaukee

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A month ago today, we moved to Milwaukee.

It’s been the longest month I can remember. But, at the same time, it feels like we just got here yesterday. Time has sort of had this odd space in our lives. I don’t know if it’s the foreignness of a new place or the long days of summer but time has either been at a standstill or going a millions miles an hour.

The apartment is still slowly getting put together. We’ve yet to hang anything on the walls, but I will tell you that the most important room in our house, the kitchen, is well stocked and equipped. Oh, and most importantly the cat, has adapted extremely well.

Public Market Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Best places to visit in Milwaukee, Downtown Milwaukee, Milwaukee 3rd Ward

If anything, the last 30 or so days have taught me a lot about myself. Who knew at 28 that I could continue to have so many self-realizations? Maybe it’s these new emotions that I still can’t seem to put my finger on. Or, perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve spent more time alone than I can ever remember. Whatever it is, I feel like I’m discovering Chelsea 2.0 or something. While it hasn’t been easy, especially the first week, I will say there have been more good days than bad.

I’ve had the great experience of meeting some wonderful new people. Julie and Molly, my adorable new Milwaukee blogger friends, took me out for a drink to talk shop and teach me about the town. The husband’s co-workers have been wonderful, and I’ve enjoyed many nights with them exploring the town and making new friends.

Inside Milwaukee Public Market, Public Market Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Best places to visit in Milwaukee, Milwaukee 3rd ward, Downtown Milwaukee

I’ve found plenty of amazing places to eat from Glorioso’s, the amazing Italian Market. To a local favorite BelAir Cantina, I seriously can’t stop dreaming about their queso and their pineapple-ginger margaritas. To The Milwaukee Public Market, I am in love with this place and all of their amazing little restaurants and shops.

View from Milwaukee River, Milwaukee, Downtown Milwaukee

We’ve biked, ran and walked more than I can remember doing in months. We’ve spent many a weekend at Bradford Beach enjoying the sunshine and lovely lake Michigan. We’ve spent evenings in the park enjoying jazz. We enjoyed the Fourth with fireworks at the harbor, which were sadly cut short due to looming fog. We’ve started buying local produce at the East Side Farmer’s Market. We've gone to numerous festivals including Summer Solstice and Bastille Day and our calendars seem to be filling with more and more. We’ve spent our evenings running along the Milwaukee River Walk.

Milwaukee Bastille Day Celebration, Eiffel Tower in Milwaukee, Festivals Milwaukee, French, Milwaukee

Writing it all down here makes me realize how much we’ve done in the last few weeks and what a great time it really has been. Things still don’t feel normal and I still have to use the GPS every time I’m in the car.  However, slowly but surely, this place called Milwaukee is starting to feel like home. Everything still feels very new and fresh. But here is what I know, I am happy. I am. Some days it might be harder for me to believe this than others but it’s been a really good few weeks.


  1. There's something almost spiritual about the loneliness you can encounter through being alone in an unfamiliar place. Does it feel like a butterfly is flitting around in the open spot where your old life used to be, near your heart? Or like the first weeks of sort-of-dating a crush, when you alternate between being excited and angsting? xoxo B.

  2. Ah yeah girl that dress and necklas look so so so good on you!! Glad you snagged them ;). And again welcome to te city- glad you're here :)

  3. Welcome to Milwaukee! I'm another Milwaukee blogger, feel free to reach out and say hi! We also have a Milwaukee bloggers group on Facebook which is a great way to meet new people.

    Corleen Heidgerken