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July 4, 2013

Easy Fourth of July Cake

Angel Food Cake with Berries, Fourth of July Cake

Angel Food Cake was the go-to summer dessert in my house growing up. It’s light, airy and deliciously sweet. I might blow your mind here but the cake in this recipe is from a box. Yep, I’m going all semi-homemade here. You won’t find me doing this often but with this particular recipe it’s the easiest and most delicious way to go.

My mom is not one for box mixes or pre-made anything. She used to make homemade pudding and put it in our lunches at school while everyone else got a nice pudding pack. That was my mother, however when it came to angel food cake she stuck by Betty Crocker.

Angel Food Cake, Fourth of July Cake

Anyway, my mother’s tradition of angel food cake has continued into my house. My husband and I now make it on a regular basis for birthdays, barbeques and anytime we need a simple and inexpensive dessert. In fact, this recipe probably costs less than $10 to make and takes very little time, as well.

Angel Food Cake, Fourth of July Cake

Since I didn’t have an excuse to make a flag cake this year, I came up with this quick and simple way to make a delicious looking patriotic dessert. I made the cake a day in advance and just swung by the store and grabbed some berries and cream. This is a crazy simple, and crazy delicious recipe that would be the perfect dessert for the Fourth of July or any other summer day.

Angel Food Cake with Berries, Fourth of July Cake

For The Cake

Make it from scratch if you want, but I truly believe that Betty Crocker box mix is just as good as the homemade stuff. (keep in mind this link I found is for a case of 12, if you make angel food cake as much as we do in the summer, you might need that much, but you can find it at the store for about $2.50 a box)

If you deeply desire to make it yourself, this recipe by Completely Delicious looks pretty good.

Angel Food Cake with Berries, Fourth of July Cake

For the Whipped Cream

Adapted from Martha Stewart’s Recipe

1 cup or ½ pint heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoon granulated or confectioner’s sugar
½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Add whipping cream to a bowl and mix at medium speed for about two minutes or until the whipped cream makes soft peaks. Then add the vanilla and sugar. Mix at a higher speed for about a 1-2 minutes or until cream thickens to your liking. Be careful not to mix too long otherwise you will be having butter and cake. Serve immediately.

Angel Food Cake with Berries, Fourth of July Cake

For Berry Mixture

2 cups of Blueberries
2 cups sliced Strawberries
½ teaspoon lemon zest
¼ teaspoon granulated sugar

Wash the berries. Slice the strawberries lengthwise. Add the blueberries and strawberries in the bowl. Add the lemon zest. Sprinkle with sugar. Mix all ingredients together. You may add more sugar if you desire but I prefer the berries to be a bit tart to balance the flavor of the whipped cream and cake.

To Serve

Slice cake. Add a large dollop of whipped cream and feel free to be generous. Add a heaping spoonful of the berry mixture on top. Serve and enjoy!

And if you seem to have any cake or berries leftover, which rarely happens – feel free to take a peak at this delicious recipe I stumbled upon by Cookin' Cowgirl for Angel Food Cake French Toast. Woah.

Happy Fourth of July, friends!

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