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July 15, 2013

For My Mama

Today my gorgeous and incredible mother celebrates her birthday.

She is my best friend and living away from her the last four years has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I must tell you that part of this blog is truly because of her. In an ideal world,  she and I would be doing this together.

She is truly remarkable and truly talented. Her creativity and flair are unparalleled. She taught me the importance of good ingredients and good clothing. I am desperately jealous of the part of her brain that can look at a blank room and can envision exactly how it should look without any type of help. She has a knack for style and design that I could only dream of.

Her adoration for life and adventure are some of the greatest gifts she has ever given me. She is incredibly gifted and so, so beautiful. I owe everything I know how to do to her. She taught me to go for my dreams, be brave and even when I am terrified, just keep moving forward.

She is a gardener, a cook, a wine maker, a fly fisherwoman, a morel picker, an innovator, a decorator, a hostess, a dreamer, a feminist, a trendsetter, a Herm├Ęs and Louis Vuitton lover, a nurturer, a want-to-be grandmother, an antique-er, a baker and most of all my mother.

She is truly phenomenal and I am so very blessed and so very grateful to call her my Mom.

Happy birthday, Mama! I love you so very, very much!

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