This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Milwaukee Eat Local Resource Fair

August 19, 2013

Milwaukee Eat Local Resource Fair

2013 Eat Local Resource Fair Milwaukee, Milwaukee local food, Urban Ecology Center

Milwaukee’s food scene has definitely been one of the highlights of moving here. Not only are we constantly inundated with new restaurants to try but the number of local company’s producing amazing products for us to enjoy at home has also been extraordinary. Whether it’s the amazing farmer’s markets that we’ve attended or the fabulous festivals, I promise you, when it comes to delicious local food fare, Milwaukee is not lacking.

Over the weekend, my husband and I headed to the Urban Ecology Center to attend 2013 Eat Local Resource Fair provided by Eat Local Milwaukee. The Fair brought together local food vendors, local food organizations and advocates, and a variety of other sponsors. In general, the Fair was another great way to celebrate local food in Wisconsin.

We sampled some incredible items, and I am so glad we attended. I was able to connect with MKEfoodies, a wonderful group of food bloggers and food enthusiast and learn more about the fantastic food produced in Wisconsin. We will definitely be attending next year and can't wait for the next local Wisconsin food event.

Oh, and p.s. Saturday marked our two months of us living in Milwaukee!! Yippee!

2013 Eat Local Resource Fair Milwaukee, NessAlla Kombucha tea

Kombucha tea from NessAlla Kombucha

2013 Eat Local Resource Fair Milwaukee, Milwaukee Mustard

Small Batch Mustard’s from Milwaukee Mustard Co.

2013 Eat Local Resource Fair Milwaukee, Betsy's Blissful Bakery Caramels

Assorted Caramels from Betsy’s Blissful Bakery

2013 Eat Local Resource Fair Milwaukee, Just Coffee Cooperative

While we’re mostly tea drinkers, this coffee won over my husband. We took home a bag of the Revolution Roast. This rich coffee has a pleasant but dark body with hints of chocolate that will definitely be enjoyed on those morning’s when we’re just craving a cup.

2013 Eat Local Resource Fair Milwaukee, Bolzano Salami, Pitzol Salami

Cured meat is a bigger part of our diet than I’ll admit. We eat a lot of bread and cheese around here and it’s always better when it’s served with a tasty side of prosciutto or salami. I was happy to find a wonderful local vendor who makes some incredible pork salami. They have a great variety of well-crafted meats that we were fortunate enough to get to try all of. We took home some of the Pitzotl, which I can’t wait to enjoy with some delicious Spanish-style cheeses.

For a full list of vendors that attended the Fair and more photos from the Fair, check out Eat Local Milwaukee.

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  1. What a fun little fair to attend and a great way to connect with other people in your area! I'm now wondering if my city has one of these (I'm sure it does, ha), and I cannot wait to do the same.

    Glad y'all got to check out such a cool event!