This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Random Stuff and My First Video

August 16, 2013

Random Stuff and My First Video

So, while I feel like I’ve had an incredibly productive week crossing off to-do lists, sending emails and working on various projects, I have not been very nice to this blog. I actually have two recipes completed and about 300 photos sitting on my camera right now waiting to be uploaded and edited but I can’t seem to get myself to spend the time finishing them.

Maybe it’s that it’s starting to feel like summer again, rather than the fall-like weather we had earlier this week. Maybe it’s that I had my first ‘runner’s high’ ever yesterday and now all I want to do is put on my shoes and hit the pavement (this has NEVER happened to me). Maybe it’s that sitting on the floor with my kitty and reading article upon article seems way more interesting right now than finishing up a few of my half-started blog posts. Maybe it’s all of these things but I need to stop making excuses. Ha!

But, here is what I will share with you today, a really awesome little video (I might be exaggerating that a bit) I made of my husband fishing. Please realize that I am just learning this new set of skills, so the video footage and the actual video are nothing to write home about. I figured I would just share it, well...because I can. We went fishing last weekend so that I could practice casting for an upcoming trip we are taking and to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having that day. I was in a park where there were definitely three different weddings going on, a whole lot of geese and nature. Get ready to be enthralled. Enjoy!

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