This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Week with Friends

August 5, 2013

Week with Friends

The last seven days have been pretty exciting for me. They’ve been filled with good friends, amazing food and lots of laughter.

Last Sunday and Monday, my best friend Laura came to town for a conference. It was the first time anyone has come to visit, and having her here was such a treat. Despite being a bit brisk, we explored the city taking in patios, the river, and even the beach. We dinned at numerous delicious restaurants, including Bosely and Brady where we enjoyed, what I have been told is, ‘Milwaukee’s Best Happy Hour’.

Then this last weekend, I headed back to my old stomping grounds for a quick weekend with my favorite people and to help throw a nautical themed baby shower for my dear friend Kate. Des Moines was wonderful. Being there felt as normal and perfect as ever.

Baby Shower, Nautical Baby Shower
Baby Shower, Nautical baby Shower
Baby Shower, Nautical Baby Shower

Despite being in town for just 48 hours it was a pretty eventful weekend. Highlights included getting to meet and hold Maddie the Coonhound from Maddie on Things at Eden. Grabbing lunch and French macarons at my all time favorite restaurant, La Mie. Snuggling with 4, count em’ 4 babies (3 of which are newborn triplets). Sitting on Laura’s back porch with Liz and Nick watching fireflies and listening to the familiar sound of the cicada’s while dining on the most wonderful antipasto spread. Oh, and most importantly, finally getting to see Pitch Perfect (obviously, the highlight of the weekend). Can you say amazing?!

I am feeling so full of love from the last week. Seeing old friends and catching up was exactly the pick me up that I needed.


  1. Loved having you in town. And can't wait until the end of the month! xoxo

  2. So glad Emmett got to meet you in his manatee suit!

  3. Isn't it just te best having old friends in your new city!? I feel like whenever friends come I like mke so muh better ;). And that little shower looks absolutely adorable!! Glad you feel full friend :)