This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Wyoming Adventure - Part II

September 10, 2013

Wyoming Adventure - Part II

I had every intention of posting these photos days ago but time has just not been on my side lately. I can’t believe we were in Wyoming two weeks ago. I feel like we just got back from our trip. I started a new job last week and the husband has been crazy at work, so it seems like the last week has just been sucked into some crazy vortex.

These are the last of the photos I wanted to share from our trip to Wyoming. It was such an incredible experience and my mind continually drifts off to the mountains, quiet river and unbelievable time we had on this adventure.

 ^^^This is my beautiful Aunt Margaret who is a world-class pie maker. She made the dough and berry filling completely from memory and at 8,000 feet. Cooking at higher elevation is an entirely different experience and my Aunt Margaret has got it down to a science. Seriously, we had an entire dinner conversation regarding how to cook at higher elevation.^^^

^^^This is the first fish my husband caught on our trip. The river we fish on was full of giant, beautiful trout.^^^

^^^After breakfast one day, when the boys were off fishing, Laura and I decided that we were missing out. So, we headed down to the river, just the two of us. To be honest, neither of us had ever caught a fish, without the assistance of one of the guys. But we did this time! While we were casually fishing and laughing, Laura actually hooked a fish, and together we brought it in all on our own. I realize people do this every day without anyone's help, but this was truly a big accomplishment for both of us!^^^

^^^This is the time I actually caught MY first fish. The husband did help me bring it in, but I hooked and lead this one in all on my own. Sorry it's a bit out of focus, I was so excited that I think I might have been shaking. Oh, and can we just have a moment for how I look like a legit fisherwoman in my lady waders.^^^

^^^This is one of my favorite photos. If you look really closely, okay you don't have to look that closely, but you can see my shadow where I am standing on top of a big hill, on top of a big rock overlooking the gorgeous valley.^^^

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