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October 14, 2013

Fall Style Inspiration

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Fall is in the air in Wisconsin and I’ve packed away my shorts and sundresses and I’ve begun to replace them with scarves and booties. Although dressing for fall and winter is my favorite time, I seem to forget on a yearly basis how to do it. Seriously, it’s as if my brain just blacks out the memory of what 50° feels like. Those in-between-temps are the worst for me. It's not really cold but it's note really warm, either. I’ve always lived in places that have true four season climates, but spring and fall in both Idaho and Iowa are very short lived. That San Fransisco-esque, in between weather, I’m just not that skilled at. So, every year I get to this time and I’m racking my brain trying to put together outfits that make sense.

Since I’m usually up for a challenge, I’ve been scouring Pinterest and my favorite fashion sites looking for inspiration and outfits I can replicate. I’m thinking loads of chunky sweater, lots of tall boots and leggings and jeans for days. I'm partial to neutrals in the fall. Blacks, browns, charcoal greys, off-whites and camels, tend to be my go-to colors. I do try and mix in a bit of print or color with a pop or two of a jewel tone or a red. Oh, and don’t get me started on outwear and fall accessories, they're both a secret love of mine.

With the weather officially in the low-60’s to high-50’s this week, I’m excited to finally try out some of my new outfit ideas and remind myself how to dress for this weather. 

What’s inspiring your style this fall?

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