This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

Tomorrow my little brother (although he’s not that little as he’s 6’3”) turns 27! I mean, I know that I’m 29 but it baffles me that he's be in late 20’s, too. In my mind, my brother is possibly turning 23, at the oldest 25 but I cannot believe that tomorrow he will be 27!

My little brother is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s passionate, dedicated and committed to whatever he puts his mind to. He accepts each challenge whether he wants to or not, and keeps on pushing forward until he has triumphed. Life hasn’t always dealt him the easiest of hands but he’s determined and even when he’s taken a fall, well, he gets up and keeps fighting.

The photos above are from when I was living in Switzerland (holy, Throwback Thursday, we look like such babies) and he came over to visit me. Together, we took the trip of a lifetime over Christmas and traveled all over Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It was truly magnificent. There’s really nothing like Europe during the holidays. If I had the means, I’d trek over there every year. Our trip was so special. It was the first time we’d really spent any alone time together since I graduated college. My brother was the best travel partner anyone could ask for. We explored museums, markets, and waltzed in Vienna at midnight on New Year’s. It was just The. Best. This time of year it always makes me heart smile to think back on that great adventure we had together.

My brother lives in Idaho with the rest of my family so I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like. And, we don’t talk on the phone as much as we should but I know if I need him, he'll always be there for me. I couldn’t be prouder of the man he has become. He’s a special one and I feel so lucky to call him family.

Happy Birthday, Bobby! Here’s to another fabulous year, may this one be the best yet.

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