This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Keep Moving Forward

November 8, 2013

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward Quote

I was talking to one of my West Coast girlfriends earlier this week about how wild 2013 has been. We’ve had similar paths this year. We both quit one job and started another, moved to different states, had to start making new friends and recreate our networks and tried to keep smiling the whole way through. There has been a lot of learning days and a lot of bumps in the road. A lot of new challenges, and a lot of things I don’t think either of us expected.

It’s hard not to doubt, question or feel insecure when things are constantly changing. Moving to a new city is so crazy. Moving in general is crazy, but moving to a new city where you recreate your life again, well, it’s hard. Most days are good, but some are just tougher than others.

That being said, I've never been one to give up. This saying, featured above, has become my mantra these last few months when I feel the loneliness or insecurity setting in. When I’m feeling uncomfortable or homesick or stuck. I remind myself that I must just keep moving forward. Keep moving forward and good things will come. Keep moving forward and someday soon it won't feel so difficult anymore. Just. Keep. Moving. Forward.

So, here’s to a fabulous Friday full of lots of love and joy! And remember, when in doubt, just keep moving forward.

On a side note, I’ve started to teach myself the basics of Photoshop. Along the way, I’m taking some of my favorite sayings and quotes and making them into pretty prints. If you’d like a copy, just let me know, and I’ll send you a printable file until I can figure out how to share the link on my website. I’ve got this print in 2-3 different colors and would love to to send it to you, if you’d like.