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March 26, 2014

Gluten Free Meals with Pairdd

Pairdd Salmon with Quinoa and Kale Gluten Free Meals -

A few months back while attending an event here in Milwaukee I was introduced to a local company, Pairdd. Pairdd is a small start up based in MKE that provides a weekly gluten-free meal subscription service (similar to companies like birchbox). Each recipe comes with all the fresh ingredients needed to prepare it. The only things you need to supply are basics like salt, pepper and olive oil. The recipes are carefully tested to make sure it meets the gluten-free expectations and high quality standards that they strive to provide.

When I sat down to learn more about Pairdd I was really impressed with the idea behind it. While they are still growing and evolving, their ultimate goal is to create a subscription food service for those with all types of different illnesses or food allergies, such as fibromyalgia or lactose intolerance. Currently they are only focused on gluten free meals, but eventually, their website would allow you to select your ailment and find recipes or meals that would fit your needs and be curated just for you.

Pairdd Salmon with Quinoa and Kale Gluten Free Meals -

Recently, Pairdd sent me one of their most popular recipe boxes to try. I was surprised at how simple and delicious this meal was while also being gluten-free. The salmon with quinoa and kale (pictured above) included less than 10 ingredients and took me only 30 minutes to prepare. The best part, was that the meal was full of ingredients I almost always have in my kitchen which means I’ve been able to recreate this recipe at least twice since!

I’m incredibly fortunate to not suffer from any food intolerances, but many of my friends and family do. In some ways, I take what I eat for granted. I can basically consume whatever I like without it impacting my life. As I reflected on my eating habits and what effect having an illness like this would have, it made me realize how isolating and complicated it might feel. I love that Pairdd is doing what it can to provide meals that are appealing, easy and inclusive while also being gluten free.

For all you lovelies living in Wisconsin, Pairdd has generously offered all This Grand Adventure readers 30% off their first time online order from the à la carte menu until the end of April with code ADVENTURE! This way you can give Pairdd a try before committing to a weekly subscription. Feel free to share!

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  1. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! <--- and yes, I'm yelling! So smart and looks amazing!