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April 8, 2014

30 Before 30 - Half Birthday Update

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Pretty sure I have no idea how it’s already my half-birthday. I feel like I was just writing the post for my Quarter Birthday and now here we are, three months later.

Anyway, I don’t have as much to update you on this time around. This list doesn’t look much different than it did three months ago. Probably because the winter of 2014 has been slowly killing me inside and I’ve been counting down the days until warmer weather. Things have mostly stayed the same, which means I’ve got my worked cut out for me these next six months.

But since, I’m officially closer to being 30 than I am to being 29, I thought I would give you a short update on the status of a few of my goals and introduce you to goal #29.

So, onto being active. This is the one category that I’m making the most progress at. For the last four months I’ve been attending regular barre class at least three days a week, if not more. Friends, let me tell you, this regular exercise combined with the occasional yoga and Pilates class has helped me to become the fittest and strongest, I’ve been in the last ten years, if not my life. What’s cool is that it’s just become a part of my regular routine. I don’t think about it, I just do it. It’s been pretty awesome seeing the changes my body has made in the last few months and how great it’s made me feel. With warmer weather headed our way, I am actually excited for swimsuit season and feeling pretty good about tackling goal #1. Now, to just tackle, goal #2. Ha!

But on that note, there’s a little something I need to share with you. Sometime late last fall when I was out on a run, my knee started hurting. The pain was directly below and behind my kneecap. At first, I shrugged it off but when the pain returned, run after run, I started to get worried. After consulting my doctor we determined that the knew pain was most likely caused by runners knee. His suggestion was to lay off running for the winter months and focus on strengthening my core and leg muscles. The overly snowy winter and my nonexistence desire to get on a treadmill made it easy to stay out of my running shoes. And with the addition of regular classes to my fitness routine, I’ve gotten the strength training in.

A few weeks ago, when I was feeling extra good, I decided it was time to test out my knee. I laced up, stretched out and hit the pavement slow and steady. I felt awesome the first mile and a half. But then, boom, a annoying little pain started to creep up under my knee cap. I tried to run through it but the pain just got progressively worse. I walk-ran the rest of the way home, in tears and completely heartbroken. I was and still am incredibly frustrated.

The point of this whole story is to talk about goals #3 and #4 on my 30 Before 30. To be 100% honest, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to accomplish them. I’m not giving up hope completely, because let’s be real, I’ve still got six wonderful months being 29. But I’m also being honest with myself and with you. I’ve haven’t wanted to admit that my hiatus from running may be more than a little winter break. It’s hard to imagine not being able to do it once the weather starts to really get nice but I think I have to be real about what my body is capable of. In the mean time, I’ve taken the last couple weeks off from running and focused on continuing to get strong. Doing exercises that are supposed to help my knee. I have a new pair of running shoes being delivered on Wednesday, and so, we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping for the best. So, cross your fingers and send me good luck.

Anyway, let’s talk about something a bit more fun. Like my NEW goal: #28 - Weekend Funday in MKE!

I thought a lot about what I wanted this goal to be. I had six different things listed and at the last minute I scrapped them all and chose this one. I wanted to put something on this list that was completely unrelated to anything else and was just about doing something fun, adventurous and carefree. My husband suggested I put Sunday-Funday in Milwaukee down but I want to have the option for it to be a Saturday-Funday, too, especially once the farmer’s markets start. I’m already dreaming up how I’ll spend this day doing beachside yoga, then heading to a market and then perhaps to brunch, then an afternoon at the beach and then spending the evening at a festival. Oh man, there’s nothing better then Milwaukee in the summertime. I cannot wait!

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