This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Healthy Egg Salad with Greek Yogurt and Capers

April 15, 2014

Healthy Egg Salad with Greek Yogurt and Capers

Healthy and Fresh Egg Salad with Greek Yogurt and Capers. Simple and delicious springtime meal. | Recipe by

We’ve been moving a million miles an hour around here. At this point are you surprised? The husband has been swamped with work and I’ve been making to-do lists and scheduling my week out by the hour in order to keep our heads above water. Last week the Midwest gave us a good glimpse of what spring is actually supposed to look like. We were spoiled with 60° days filled with sunshine and the smells of spring. I ate my lunch alfresco and we walked up the street for happy hour on a patio. Those few days made me remember why spring is a time filled with hopefulness and awakening.

Skinny Egg Salad with Greek Yogurt, Capers and Red Pepper Flake. Serve with multigrain bread on a bed of arugula | Recipe by

And then it snowed last night…ppffff. Right? I feel like this spring-winter (because what the heck else do you call this?) is really testing my patience. You want to know the truth? April used to be my favorite month but, I’m just not so sure anymore. I’ve always been a springtime lover but summertime is starting to look more and more appealing each day. It’s taking all of my strength not to blow my savings and buy a ticket to somewhere South for sunshine and warm temps. I now understand why the entire state of Wisconsin flees to Florida from January to May. Perhaps I will join them in this migration next year.

Simple Springtime Egg Salad Made With Greek Yogurt | Recipe by

Anyway, I whipped up this light and delicious egg salad last week when I was feeling extra spring like. I just needed something fresh and super simple. I mean you can’t get more springy than eggs and fresh greens. And with Easter on the horizon this meal has me feeling in-season even if the weather isn’t. Here's hoping that spring decides to hop on over our way sometime in the next week, until then I'm going to be indulging on items that remind me of what used to be my favorite season.

Egg Salad with Greek Yogurt and Capers

Makes 4-5 Servings


6 large hard-boiled eggs
3 tbsp. low-fat plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp. mayonnaise
2 tbsp. red onion, finely chopped
2 tsp. capers, finely chopped
¼ tsp. red pepper flakes
Salt & Pepper
Fresh Arugula
4-5 slices of fresh bread

To Make Egg Salad

Peel hard-boiled eggs, slice and chop roughly. Place eggs into a medium size bowl and add mayonnaise and yogurt and mix. Fold in red onion, capers and red pepper flake. Salt and pepper to taste.

Place a generous handful of arugula on top of sliced bread. Top arugula with a few heaping spoonful’s of egg salad.

Serve and enjoy!

This recipe is equally as delicious when placed on a bed of fresh spring greens! Bonus, making it this way is also gluten-free!


  1. Two things: 1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award (check it out here
    2. I will be making this!!!! What a great idea for all those leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter!

  2. Yum! You're right, this is such a spring recipe! Love the use of Greek yogurt here!

  3. This look awesome! I will definitely be back to make this next week with leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter, the photos are gorgeous, and I might also have to join you on that migration next year...this weather has been brutal!

  4. I love the addition of capers! My favorite:)