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April 29, 2014

Life Lately - April In Review

Hey! Hey! I’m here. I promise I’m really here. Sorry for the unplanned hiatus.

Let’s start from the beginning. My husband’s work schedule has been brutal lately. Given our inconsistent calendars, we haven’t had a day off together, in almost six weeks. I’m used to spending time without him but this stretch has been one of the most challenging we’ve ever faced. On top of it, he’s spent the last 14 days on overnights. We’ve seen one another for about an hour or less each day. He usually gets home from work just as I’m waking to get ready and then leaves to go back before I can return home. I thought that breaking up this treacherous two weeks with a visit to my old stomping groups and surrounding myself with some of my favorites would be just what I needed to get me through this two-week ordeal. And while it was lovely, it only curbed the pain for a short time.

I knew it would be hard but the last week was just rough all over. Between the irregular schedule and a handful of curveballs that life threw my way, I tried to be strong and resilient but it was just too much this time. Last week felt as if the universe was testing me, seeing how hard it could push me before I broke. I felt exhausted, lonely and, at times, defeated. So, while I can’t hide my disappointment in myself for dropping the ball on blogging, between everything that’s gone on the last two weeks, it was the thing that gave.

With that, let me tell you that this week has already been better. I’ve been concentrating on the things I can control and taking moments for myself by doing daily meditative yoga and baking batches of a new cookie recipe I’m trying out. Overnights ended today, and my husband and I spent the morning dinning at one of our favorite breakfast spots, disconnected from all types of technology, just enjoying one another’s company. I already feel more balanced and happy. The next month should be a little less aggressive and now that I’ve made it through the worst of it, hopefully, I can handle whatever the world decides to throw at me.

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