This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Blogging Bestie and A Weekend in Austin

June 3, 2014

Blogging Bestie and A Weekend in Austin

Last weekend I headed to Austin to visit my dear blogging friend, Kaileen Elise. Kaileen and I met in our early days of blogging. Over the holidays in 2008, we gathered a few blogger pals and participated Christmas swap. Kaileen and I were paired together. After said swap, we continued our friendship via the Internet and on pen and paper as pen pals..

We’ve been there through each other’s lowest lows and highest highs. We’ve celebrated successes and consoled one another in loss. We’ve seen one another through moves, new jobs, new cities, weddings and more. Constant friends and support systems, we’ve traversed the latter-half of our 20’s together as we’ve explored and tried to find our place in life.

When I stopped blogging in 2011, Kaileen and I remained in contact through texts, emails, gchat and monthly letters. We celebrated birthdays, engagements and holidays by exchanging gifts and cards.

Our friendship is one of the reasons I love blogging so dearly. It made my Internet friend my real-life friend. Someone who I would have never met otherwise came into my life and has been what I like to call my blogging bestie the last five years.

We’ve been trying to meet up in-real-life for the last few years or so and finally this last weekend it happened. I caught a plane to Austin on Friday and spent the weekend with Kaileen gallivanting around town, eating our weight in food, laughing until our stomachs hurt, catching up on chic flicks and magazine, laying by the pool and talking endlessly about everything under the sun. It was as if we’d known one another our entire lives and while we chatted over cocktails filling in details of our lives, it never once occurred to me that the person sitting across from me was someone I just met.

It was perfection. I am still glowing from my girls weekend with my dear Kaileen. And while I lugged my big camera down to Texas to get lots of high quality photos and content someone ended up forgetting to charge the battery before they left. So, I apologize for the iPhone quality photos but here's a little glimpse into our weekend.

So, cheers to blogging besties and Internet friends. This is why I love blogging so, so much because of the relationships and friendship it creates and the amazing people it connects you to.


  1. That is so great, Chelsea! I had no idea it was the first time you'd met. I've also met several blogging besties over the past few years, and it's my favorite as well. :)

  2. What a great story! I too love the friendships I've formed through blogging. My dear Milwaukee blogging friends are one of the main reasons I look forward to each Wisconsin visit.

  3. Thank you for an amazing weekend :) I am so grateful to have you in my life and cannot wait to reunite soon. xoxo

  4. I love this story! I agree with Karis, I've met a lot of great ladies through blogging who I would have never known otherwise : )

  5. What a great overview of your weekend! I have made some awesome friends through blogging, it's so inspiring to be able to learn and share with friends!