This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Fall Style Inspiration

September 12, 2014

Fall Style Inspiration

We’re having our first few real fall days in Milwaukee, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve been craving cooler temps since the calendar hit September 1st and this week has been just right.

Some people get spring fever but it’s always been fall fever for me. This time of year always gives me the urge to update my wardrobe. I love changing out the drawers and hangers in my closet with cooler weather items. However, this year's a little different as I have a wonderful extra accessory (my baby belly) that I’ve been attempting to figure out how to style. My 23-week bump is still fairly small, and so far, I’ve been very lucky and able to get away with wearing my regular wardrobe. But after this week, I think it's time to invest in some new pieces as I can only jimmy-rig my jeans with a hair tie for so long.

Despite my desire to buy a few cute fitted tops, a new fall coat and some nice coated denim, I’m trying to be conscious of the fact that as this little one continues to grow, so will I. So, I’m attempting to create a sort of “uniform” for myself from now through the end of December. 

My go-to style has always been very classic and simple. And, now that I just want to feel good in what I’m wearing, I’m really leaning on my instincts and what I know to get me through. Sticking with basics and neutral colors is going to be key. This way I can mix and match items to maximize my outfit options and play with different looks by adding a pop of color through my makeup, jewelry or accessories. 

I actually feel sort of lucky because this year’s fall trends seems to be so relaxed and cool. Slouchy tops, and chunky sweaters paired with jogger style pants and super comfy slip-ons. Between my love for simple classic pieces, and this year’s relaxed fall style, I feel like I couldn’t be pregnant at a better time.

My online shopping carts are far to full at the moment so until I figure out what I need to buy and also what makes the most sense for my budget, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite style inspirations for this fall.

Tell me, what do you love for this upcoming season?



  1. Love it all! You make anything gorgeous! Hugs! Miss you!

  2. Love your style inspiration, you'll rock your baby bump like no other :)