This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: Bumpdate - 31 Weeks

November 13, 2014

Bumpdate - 31 Weeks

How is it already 31 weeks? Actually, tomorrow it’ll be 32. 32 weeks! 8 months pregnant! What the? I posted the picture above earlier this week on Instagram and Facebook when we hit the 60-day mark (and sorry for the low quality iPhone photos but I've been terrible about getting pictures with the DSLR). The weeks have been flying and I usually get to Thursday and all I can think is how the heck did another week go by?

Things around here have been good, and as you can see from the photos this babe finally decided to make an appearance. I’ve officially got a bump (yippee!) and oh man, do I love this belly. And you guys, I know I’m a rare breed but I really don’t mind people asking me about my pregnancy or when I’m due. Everyone I’ve spoken with so far has been beyond nice and supportive. I haven’t had anyone drop any horror stories on me yet or too much unwelcome advice. And, occasionally, when people give me the “big eyes” and say things like, “oh...get ready…your life is about to change forever”, I try to take a deep breath and smile and nod and remind myself that they’re just trying to be helpful and share their experience. Because I know our life will change and it won’t be the way it was before, but you know what? I think we’re ready. We’re ready for this new adventure. No, life won’t ever be like what it was before. It will certainly be challenging and scary and different and by no means can we predict how we will feel when this babe shows up, but I’m okay with all of that. I’m okay with it being different because if there’s anything in life I’ve been prepared for these last 10 years, it’s change.

Outside of a few aches and pains, the occasional heartburn, and overwhelming emotions from the surge of hormones, I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant. Yep, I’m one of those women. I love that I’m so connected to this little person growing inside me. Sorry to sound so mushy but I think it’s pretty incredible that my body has given me the ability to house, nourish and carry our babe for the last 8 months. It’s pretty spectacular, if you ask me.

Since my last update, I’ve had two phenomenal baby showers - one thrown by my best friends in Iowa and another hosted by some of my dearest family friends in Idaho. I don’t use this word often, or lightly, but I felt so incredibly blessed at these celebrations. It was definitely a surreal moment and I had to keep reminding myself that these showers were for me and my Baby D. I’m not sure if I still comprehend that but the love and support I felt from everyone for this little bundle was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Logistically, I feel like we're in a good place. The nursery is almost finished. We’re just waiting on a few last minute décor items. We attended a birthing class last weekend and I’ve got a breast-feeding course in a few weeks. I’ve only read one parenting book so far, Bringing Up Bébé, and I’ve got a few borrowed baby DVD’s I need to sit down and watch. The car seat arrived yesterday. Holy moly! This stuff is getting real! We’re still waiting to collect a few last minute baby things, like did I mention my kids doesn’t have any pants? I’ve got copious amount of onesies but no pants for my kiddo. So, I’m holding out for the holiday sales for just a few more weeks so I can stock pile some baby leggings. I do, however, have two adorable snowsuits for this Wisconsin babe because with our luck Baby D will show up the day the Polar Vortex decided to return.

Other than that, this baby is moving like crazy these days and I’ve been eating everything in sight. Especially breakfast food. Just can’t get enough breakfast food and I want it all.the.time. Golden Grahams cereal, breakfast sandwiches on bagels or English muffins with all the fixings and delicious sausage, doughnuts especially maple and super soft and fluffy glazed and quiche and chocolate chip pancakes and cinnamon rolls. All of the above, please. 

Oh, and I’ve got this thing for hot chocolate lately, too. I stock piled Caotina hot chocolate when I moved away from Switzerland many years ago, and I just found a bag of it hidden away in my parent’s pantry when I was back in Idaho. You bet I’ve been drinking this stuff like crazy. It’s the best. If you ever find it, buy ALL of it. Nothing in the States compares.

Early on I couldn’t comprehend wanting pregnancy to end, and it’s not that I do because I’m really trying to savor and take in every moment of this process but I’ve found myself so excited to hold Baby D in my arms. To actually meet MY baby and hold it close to my heart. I can’t wait to see what he or she looks like and I’m dying to know what color hair this babe is going to have. I know these last few weeks are really special, as it’s the last time it’ll just be Chase and me. And while our schedules are going to be crazy during the holidays, I’m trying to soak in every last moment where we can just veg on the couch watching movies or sleep in past 8 am.

And on a side note, thank you to everyone who’s still reading this blog. The last six months or more have been so different than what I had planned, I went from being a regular food blogger to basically only talking about my baby. For those of you who are tired of hearing about this, I’m sorry. Someday I’ll blog about food and other fun items again, but for now, this is what is front and center in my life and finding time to test recipes and take high quality photos of the food we’re eating just hasn’t been. So, I just wanted to say thanks for sticking with me and following along.


  1. You're doing so great!! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures with little Baby D!

  2. Love this post girl! Lives change, and it's so nice to hear how you're embracing this new phase in your life! Lots of love as you go into this final month of pregnancy!!