This Grand Adventure: Chelsa-Bea: About


Hi, I’m Chelsea, and I am the creator and author of This Grand Adventure.

So, who the heck is Chelsa Bea? Well, I am Chelsa Bea! My name is actually pronounced like Chelsa, or Chels-uh, if you will. My entire life I have been Chelsea but like Chelsa. And I never thought anything of it. But really, my amazing parents made life super complicated. I love my name, don’t get me wrong, but to this day, I’m the only ‘Chelsa’ I have ever met. People have a hard time registering how to pronounce it, so I end up getting called Salsa or Kelsa or a bunch of other weird things. I mean really people, Salsa? Anyway, I am 100% a Chelsa, not a Chelsy. It fits me. My super simple to spell, complicated to pronounce name, well, it fits me. And to finish it off, my middle name starts with the letter ‘B’, so I’ve always been known as Chelsea B. So, thus Chelsa Bea (the phonetic spelling of my complicated name) was born. So, welcome to This Grand Adventure, also known as Chelsa Bea.

So, now that you know all about my complicated name, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. I met my husband in college. We dated off and on for several years, and after an almost two year engagement, we got married in 2010. Sometime in between, I lived and worked in Switzerland for a year. 

In 2009, we moved out to the Midwest. We spent four years in the great state of Iowa. We lived in Des Moines and we loved it. If we are lucky, we may even find ourselves back there someday.

In June of 2013, we relocated to Milwaukee for my husband’s job. Although we were reluctant to leave Iowa, we are falling in love Wisconsin. We are truly enjoying exploring our new city and state and discovering all the fantastic things it has to offer.

Right now, my family consists of my husband, our orange cat, Charlie and we are expecting our first child in January 2015!

I look at my life like an adventure with each day giving me something new to explore and discover. For this reason and many others I started this blog. But mostly, I just wanted a place to be able share all of my passions whether it be food, fashion or my family. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing in my grand adventure!

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